2012 BMW E92 M3 Coupe

This 2012 BMW M3 in LeMans Blue metallic was full corrected, our Package 3 detail, and coated with Finest. The body and wheels were treated to two coats of the ceramic coating, the interior was also detailed. This color certainly pops!

Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

A 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider was brought in directly from the factory, before going home to its new owner. The vehicle had a considerable amount of unfinished factory defects in the paint, as documented. We spent a considerable amount of time correcting and removing these defects and perfecting the paint before the new owner received the vehicle. After the correction, the vehicle and wheels were coated with Finest ceramic coating.

1989 Ferrari 328 GTS

This all original, one owner Ferrari 328 GTS came in for a full wheels off, to the core, restoration detail. It had been sitting in a garage for the past ten years and was only ever hand washed in its previous life. There were signs of an attempted detail, probably in the mid to late nineties, however not proper. Everything, down the the lugnuts and wheel well panels were addressed. If they weren’t able to be corrected or treated, they were refinished. After two plus weeks of time, it finally looked like a proper, all original 328 that has only had one owner. Ready for a new home.

2014 Ferrari 458 Speciale

“It’s a brand new car, the paint is perfect.” A statement, which has proven false far more times than true. Which will be supported by this beautiful example, the very First Ferrari 458 Speciale to arrive to the US. This pretty lady arrived to me a few months ago, April 10th to be exact, after being on US soil for almost three weeks. The owner, who had yet to see the car in person was out of the country. Which gave us time to address all of the important bits, such as getting the paint perfect and protected, body matching or blacking out the Ferrari emblems and logos and so forth. Over the course of a few working days, we took this “brand new” 458 and made it as perfect as it SHOULD have arrived. The visual journey below will show you exactly what to expect from Ferrari’s (as well as nearly every exotic manufacturer) quality control team. Do not get me wrong! They make a beautiful, fantastic vehicle, and for arguments sake not everyone is as attentive to the fine details like myself or the owner of this example. We spent approximately forty hours on this vehicle preparing and perfecting the paint and then protecting her with some of the best available paint protection in the industry, Finest. Not for the feint of heart, but luckily that’s why there are guys like myself around. Enjoy, as I know I have!

2005 Ferrari F430 Spider

In a word, this car was a nightmare. After sitting in the corner of a body shop for nearly 14 months, the car suffered quite a bit of damage. Other factors contributed to the condition, but this sub 3k mile Spider looked aged in the least. After a total of 56 working hours removing layers and layers of over spray, and then defects in the actual paint, followed with multiple steps of polishing, the Nero Black came out better than new. The pics easily do the talking for this beautiful car, so I will let them tell the story! This is certainly one of my bigger projects to date, both conditon and time wise! Still not sure how I managed to use only 40 photos to document the work, but none the less, it’s story time! Also, the fun game of “wheres the logo” is back in these pictures as well. Condition as she arrived, as you can see the paint wasn’t showing the depth and gloss it should, especially for under 3k miles.

2011 Porsche GT3 – Guards Red

This particular example contacted me to get it looking new again, as well as putting some new rubber on her wheels and protecting the finish with the none other than Finest! We received the GT3 in it’s driven and enjoyed state. We then prepped the entire vehicle, under carriage and all for a concourse level detail and paint correction.