In a word, this car was a nightmare. After sitting in the corner of a body shop for nearly 14 months, the car suffered quite a bit of damage. Other factors contributed to the condition, but this sub 3k mile Spider looked aged in the least. After a total of 56 working hours removing layers and layers of over spray, and then defects in the actual paint, followed with multiple steps of polishing, the Nero Black came out better than new. The pics easily do the talking for this beautiful car, so I will let them tell the story! This is certainly one of my bigger projects to date, both conditon and time wise! Still not sure how I managed to use only 40 photos to document the work, but none the less, it’s story time! Also, the fun game of “wheres the logo” is back in these pictures as well. Condition as she arrived, as you can see the paint wasn’t showing the depth and gloss it should, especially for under 3k miles.

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