Oakes Detail prides itself on expert and experienced car window tinting in the Philadelphia area. Our work is unsurpassed by many, offering true value and quality in every job we perform. Our returning client base continues to expand and our knowledge of paint correction and restoration is constantly building. Make sure you choose a reputable service and a company that is going to make your tint last as long as possible with as much quality as possible. We are one of the most experienced window tinting companies in the tri-state area, and our experts will have you feeling cool (literally and figuratively) through your neighborhood on hot sunny days and will give you the privacy in your car, truck or SUV! Oakes Detail is here for your car window tinting, paint protection, and detailing from basic wash and wax services to concourse and pre-sale detailing, and everything in between.  See our services for a complete list. We have over 100 examples of our detail services, feel free to contact us or check out our vehicle spotlights for visual examples and any other questions!



It is important to professionally detail your vehicle for the following reasons!

Natural elements, such as radiant and ultraviolet energy, acid rain, salt, atmospheric pollution, insect fluids, and bird droppings wage a constant war on your vehicle’s finish. Detailing provides an easily renewable, transparent barrier between the finish and environmental damages.These elements are not treatable with normal washing.

Regular detailing by a professional not only gets rid of the damage, but prevents it from reoccurring!

The more use a vehicle experiences, means the more important it is to get the proper protection provided with a professional detail. Professional detailing helps to protect the vehicle’s finish from the dangers of everyday use. Even vehicles that remain sheltered benefit from proper detailing to enhance the paint whilst protecting it, prolonging vehicle finish.

Properly maintained vehicles last longer, inside and out. When a vehicle is properly detailed regularly, the results are clear.

A professional detail provides:
• Protected, flawless paint with deep, lustrous shine.
• Removal of tar, road film, bug stains, water spots and other road grime.
• A conditioned, protected interior, making “normal wear” a thing of the past.
• A vehicle that looks NEW, years after purchase.

Scratch Prevention

Never wipe down your vehicle with a dry towel or your shirt, always moisten a soft towel to wipe down sudden stains or small areas of dirt, if completely necessary. Avoid taking your vehicle through an automated car wash, as the machines/brushes are rarely cleaned and rub dirt against your paint. This is the leading cause of scratches to vehicle paint. Avoid leaning against, place boxes, books, mugs, clothing, dry cleaning on your car. The zippers, buttons, and clothing material can scratch the paint as you lean or move against the paint. The bindings of books, and box edges can dig into your vehicle finish as it slides against the car. Hangars for dry cleaning will also scrape vehicle finishes when thrown or dragged across the paint.

Stain Prevention

Accidents happen, so ensure there are lids or caps placed on all beverages, refrain from open food as much as possible! Crayons and markers should be left at home for children to play with, children will draw on seats and panels. Any crayons left in the car will melt in the heat, severely staining upholstery. Refrain from pushing/kicking doors open with your shoes, as they will scratch, stain and damage door panels.

Natural Element Prevention

If possible, avoid parking under trees, power lines or grown shrubbery, as bird droppings, tree sap, and other debris are extremely likely to come in contact with your vehicle’s finish. These elements are the most detrimental to vehicle paint when not immediately removed. If rain is in the forecast, and you have access to a garage, overhang or any form of vehicle housing, use it! Acid rain leaves annoying, difficult to remove water marks that wont come out by hand. Avoid leaving a vehicle in direct sun exposure for long periods of time, as UV rays deteriorate wax and clear coat, aging and fading your vehicle finish. Also, will quickly age and discolor a vehicle interior, plastic or vinyl trim and rubber. Seek shade in building shadows, or any form of vehicle housing if possible.